April 9, 2010

Project Fort: The Top of the Table

Working at the demands of a two year old is not easy. He is standing on a stool on the other side of the kitchen yelling "pweez, pweeez, pway?", while I am sewing together the top of a card table fort. I can understand the excitement he must have of newly paved roads on a big piece of felt. It is land his cars have never explored before.

Aiden has a rug with roads and other things on it but doesn't play on it too often due to the fact that he doesn't like playing on the floor. I saw that a friend on facebook had made a card table fort for her boys and I thought it was a great idea. So here I am attempting to sew together a fort made of felt. May I mention that I am a beginner sewer?

Yes in deed! I have had my Brother sewing machine for about three years and had tried to sew a baby quilt together before Aiden was born. It is still not finished because it got all bunched up in one part and I cannot get the stitches out. Since then the sewing machine has not been used.

So, after two days of interruptions I have finished the top of the fort enough for Aiden to play on it. There are still many things I would like to sew onto it and the ideas are still flowing. It will at least keep Aiden busy while I start on the sides.

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