March 28, 2011

DIY Honey Scrub

1 Tsp pure honey
1/4 C. light olive oil
1 C. raw or granulated sugar
2 Tbsp. fresh citrus zest

Mix all together and use on skin in the shower.

Get Moving

In an hour long show you have 15-20 minutes of commercials. Use this time to get in 10 reps of something! (squats, lunges, bicycle crunches, etc.)

Fresh Air

Open windows on opposite sides of house for 30 minutes a day when it's warm. This rids the air of harmful VOCs and combustion particles that have been sealed up.

DIY Almond Butter

Toast 1C. almonds, process until smooth, mix in a drizzle of honey and pinch of salt!

Cool Mist Humidifier

Clean twice a week: soak parts in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (available at pharmacies) and scrub.

Information provided by american baby magazine.

Olive oil

Use to wash away meconium, the tar-like substance in the first dirty diaper. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on a wipe for clean cheeks.

Clear cradle cap. Put a dab on a dry wash cloth and gently rub to loosen scales. Bonus: Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce irritation.

Sooth or prevent diaper rash. Smoothing some over your baby's bottom after a change nourishes tender skin!

Information provided by american baby magazine.

This Moment

This is my moment, a new ritual I wanted to start. Just pictures capturing a moment that means something to me. Something I would like to remember for years to come
Insprired by Soulemama.