April 5, 2011

Baby Food 10+months

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Strawberry-Banana-Pineapple Soup

1 1/2 lbs. fresh or frozen strawberries
3 bananas
1/4 pineapple
1 cup water

1. Remove the strawberry stems and then wash the berries. Slice each banana in to 4 to 6 pieces. Cut the pineapple into berry size chunks.

2.  Put everything into a 4-qt pot and cook, covered, on high for about 6 minutes, stirring once. Carefully pour the mixture from the pot into a strainer with a bowl underneath to save the juice.

3. Pour the cooked fruit into a blender. Puree until smooth using 1/4 to 1/2 cup juice to adjust consistency.

4. Pour into two ice cube trays and cool. Wrap, freeze, and defrost cubes as needed.

Yield 3 1/2 cups

Information provided by american baby magazine.

Magazine Hoarder

I have magazines galore. I thought it would be a great idea to just blog the information I found interesting  and then throw away the magazines. This is proving to be harder than I thought.

I am reading through the magazines and ripping out the articles that I like. Now I have loose paper lying about! I have already started blogging some of the articles but am coming across more loose articles from former magazines that have been stored away.

I will continue this process because I know that I will feel much better when it is over with. In order to continue this process I have given up reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It was proving to be a time consuming read for me. In other words, I couldn't get into it.

April 4, 2011

Baby Mobile

Here is the mobile I plan on making to put over the changing table. I already bought pink, purple and yellow flowers. They're not the same as the ones in this blog but I think I can make it work!

A simple skirt

Here is a skirt that I would love to make for myself.

March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Homemade Chai

Growing up, I loved going down to the gas station where my mom worked and getting a hot cup of chai. I hope this is as good!

2 green cardamom pods lightly crushed
1/8 tsp. black peppercorns
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1. 1 1/2 inch piece fresh ginger , peeled and thinly sliced
2 C. water
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 bags black tea
3/4 C. reduced fat milk

1. Bring spices, ginger, and water to a boil. Reduce to a simmer until liquid becomes aromatic, about 15 minutes. Whisk in sugar, then add tea bags; turn off heat and let steep 3 minutes.

2. While tea is steeping, warm a serving pot by rinsing several times with hot water. Strain tea mixture through a fine strainer or a coffee filter into pot. Heat milk over medium heat until just simmering. whisk until frothy. Pour into serving pot, stirring well to combine.


Make your apology bigger than the crime. Don't attempt to diminish your mistake by offering a lame apology or excuse. You'll only make matters worse.

Instead of saying: "It's not a big deal" "I didn't mean it" of "You're overreacting"

Try: "I made a big mistake" "I never should have done/said that" or "I should have known better"

Admit your real wrong. The superficial part of a mistake (missing dinner, a careless comment) is often a symptom of a larger offense. A good apology reveals that underlying issue by using the word "because".

Instead of: "I'm sorry I forgot about our dinner plans"

Try: "I'm sorry I forgot our plans because it was disrespectful of me to cancel at the last minute."

Never say "BUT" This one word can sabotage your apology. It's a disguised effort to deflect blame ("I'm sorry for forgetting about dinner, but you should have reminded me").

Use your words, not your wallet Nothing can replace an honest, heartfelt apology. Giving your partner flowers or another gift in lieu of an apology can come off as a bribe. The gift says you're sorry but doesn't show that you understand what you did wrong. If you want to give a gift, do it later- it'll be much more appreciated when it's given without strings attached.

Information provided by whole living magazine. 

Brushing Baby's Teeth/Gums

Until the first tooth arrives, make sure to rub a clean damp cloth over gums at least once a day. This will not only insure clean, healthy gums but also introduce your baby to an oral cleaning routine.

Once a tooth pops through, put a pea sized dollop of fluoride-free training toothpaste on a finger brush. Glide finger brush over the gums as well as both sides of his tooth. To rinse, swipe a wet cloth over his teeth and gums.

After molars pop up, use a soft bristled brush with training paste. Start with his uppers, brushing in a circular motion from the front teeth to back and then chewing surfaces on top. Repeat on bottom teeth. Use a wet washcloth to rinse.

Information provided by american baby magazine.

March 29, 2011

Things I Would Love to Make!

Oh and Tipnut has a post about fabric flowers!

Will put up pictures of the wallflowers once I put them up in Madilynn's room.

March 28, 2011

DIY Honey Scrub

1 Tsp pure honey
1/4 C. light olive oil
1 C. raw or granulated sugar
2 Tbsp. fresh citrus zest

Mix all together and use on skin in the shower.

Get Moving

In an hour long show you have 15-20 minutes of commercials. Use this time to get in 10 reps of something! (squats, lunges, bicycle crunches, etc.)

Fresh Air

Open windows on opposite sides of house for 30 minutes a day when it's warm. This rids the air of harmful VOCs and combustion particles that have been sealed up.

DIY Almond Butter

Toast 1C. almonds, process until smooth, mix in a drizzle of honey and pinch of salt!

Cool Mist Humidifier

Clean twice a week: soak parts in 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (available at pharmacies) and scrub.

Information provided by american baby magazine.

Olive oil

Use to wash away meconium, the tar-like substance in the first dirty diaper. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on a wipe for clean cheeks.

Clear cradle cap. Put a dab on a dry wash cloth and gently rub to loosen scales. Bonus: Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce irritation.

Sooth or prevent diaper rash. Smoothing some over your baby's bottom after a change nourishes tender skin!

Information provided by american baby magazine.

This Moment

This is my moment, a new ritual I wanted to start. Just pictures capturing a moment that means something to me. Something I would like to remember for years to come
Insprired by Soulemama.

February 18, 2011

The Perks of Play

This information comes from the February issue of Baby Talk.

An enriched play environment is critical to baby's development and teaches skills they will use later on in life. Here are the top ten reasons for play.

Play makes kids smarter. Turn off the TV and educational DVD's  and pull out the dolls, cars, balls and bubbles.

Play helps social development. Whether it's a play date or a trip to the playground, provide opportunities for your tot to interact with children their age. These moments build the foundation for future social relationships and exert external pressure for them to act in socially desirable ways.

Play helps develop impulse control. Don't be quick to create play agenda when hanging out with your child or hosting a play date with others. Give children the room and the materials (such as balls, boxes and shape sorters) to create "free" play on their own terms.

Play reduces stress. If you're facing what is likely to be an anxiety-provoking situation for your baby (doctor's visit, holiday dinner with unfamiliar faces) try to arrive early with toys and enjoy play time with your child beforehand. This will help redirect focus away from the anxiety and settle him into a new environment through familiar stimuli.

Play improves concentration, attention span and memory. Instead of getting mad when your child is so busy with her blocks that she doesn't look up when you call her, be patient. She is developing important skills!

Play aids in physical development. Let your toddler kick a ball, crawl through the sand at the beach or initiate a game of patty cake. Mastery of the physical body promotes self esteem and provides a feeling of accomplishment.

Play helps children understand the way things work. If they're happily occupied with one toy, don't lure them to the next. Let them experiment with repetitive play.

Play helps develop mathematical thinking. Pull out the legos. Toddlers know that if they put one lego on top of another they will have two. They know if they have two legos and you have five, you have more. Even thought they do not know the words, they are learning about addition and subtraction. Who says you have to wait until kindergarten?

Play promotes language and literacy. Give them blocks. Studies have shown babies scored 15 percent higher on their language assessment than those who didn't.

Play allows children to voice difficult feelings. Give your tot the room to act out their feelings, whatever they may be, in play. It reduces the likelihood of them acting out in real life.

Cheap Toys Work Great!
  • Blocks : prompt fine and gross motor skills
  • Bubbles: work on eye development and visual tracking
  • Dolls: prompt sociodramatic and pretend play
  • Boxes: work on imagination and creativity
  • Bowls: prompt auditory stimulation and cause and effect 

No More Excuses

I know I still have a little over a month left before baby Madilynn gets here but I am already thinking about getting into better shape than I was before this pregnancy.

These tips from Run Like a Mother should help me get going.

  1. Blare your favorite song as you change into your gym clothes. You'll be revved up before you even head out the door.
  2. Pay yourself a dollar for every mile you walk or run. After 10 miles, make a matinee date with a friend.
I think I will start paying myself now for walking. On Mondays I have started walking 3.5 miles with my church group :)

January 26, 2011

Ideas for the Baby's Room

Last night I was kept awake by the fact that I don't have a chair to nurse in the baby's room yet. I know I still have till April but I want things done. I was thinking about what chair I wanted and its from IKEA.
EKTORP Chair multicolor Width: 41 3/8 " Depth: 35 3/8 " Height: 34 5/8 " Seat width: 22 1/2 " Seat depth: 19 5/8 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "  Width: 105 cm Depth: 90 cm Height: 88 cm Seat width: 57 cm Seat depth: 50 cm Seat height: 45 cm
This is the very cushy chair I would like to have. Unfortunately, I think it is a little too high priced for me at $349.00

So this is the alternative...
EKTORP JENNYLUND Chair white/black Width: 30 3/4 " Depth: 33 1/2 " Height: 33 1/8 " Seat width: 18 7/8 " Seat depth: 21 5/8 " Seat height: 16 7/8 "  Width: 78 cm Depth: 85 cm Height: 84 cm Seat width: 48 cm Seat depth: 55 cm Seat height: 43 cm

Still a little high for me at $229.00 but I have sat in this one and it is comfortable. Then I thought about how I would really like a footstool to rest my feet on while I am feeding the baby. I remember seeing this fabric fluff footstool that had flowers sewn all over it. A lady used it for newborn portraits, I thought maybe I could find a way to make something like it. I found a pattern by Amy Butler! I am so excited!

This made me think of a beautiful mobile that Young House Love made for their daughters room. So I thought I would try to look for something similar. This is what I found and I am sticking with it! They are so beautiful and the real thing is my favorite flower.
Last weekend I went to Target and happened to find some owl decor. Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures on the website.

I might be overdoing it but there is no way to tell until it is all in the room.

January 1, 2011

New Year

A few things that I would like to accomplish this year:

1. Take a few photography classes
2. Learn more about homeschooling and put it into affect
3. Complete a few sewing projects
4. Read 25 books of my choice

That seems like a simple list. I think that once I know exactly what I want then I will make it more specific.

Happy New Year!
xoxo, Amber Kay