September 5, 2014

Summer's Past

Lots has happened since I was on here last.

We moved to Louisiana… a year ago. Just this month we bought a house! 

My husband is deployed and I bought and moved while he is still away. 

I am homeschooling my ds (almost 7) and dd (3).

I have never been one who is well with words. If you know me then you know how little I really have to say. It is all jumbled up in my head and I hope to one day get out of this introvert skin. I found something to help me to organize our homeschool days while getting our house together. Found on 10 Ways to Make Your HS Day Run Smoothly…

1. Get up before your kids (That's a hard one for me right now)
2. Have supper planned each day (also something I don't have down)
3. Create a routine…
  Morning Chores
  Family Bible Study
  Take turns working w/ each child independently, same order every day
  Free time after work is finished
  Reading before lunch w/dd
  reading after lunch w/ds
  quiet time in rooms
4. Tidy school area each day
5. Tell kids "Plan of the Day"
6. Don't answer phone during learning
7. Stay off computer during learning
8. Have schoolwork planned
9. Serve snacks daily, mid-morning and mid-afternoon