November 29, 2010

Weeks 7 & 8!

The person I got this challenge from was the mom shots blog. She really only posted one a week and I don't think she got past week 6. Yes, she has a couple of kids and a new baby so I can't blame her. So I figured, the whole point of this challenge is to produce 52 pages of scrap booking, why not do them and post them when I have some free time?  So here is weeks 7 and 8.

No, I am not very good at journaling. Maybe that is something I will work on another scrap book year.

You can download these free scrap materials at Shabby Princess!

Getting in Shape for Baby

Today is the first day that I have done a work out in forever. Yes, I've been walking. I figured now is a better time than ever to get going on toning and stretching. Hopefully this will help me get back into shape quicker after the baby is born.

I found a blog called Tight Bod with a Pod that has before and after pregnancy workouts. I plan on following this throughout the rest of my pregnancy and after.

Bicep Press 3 sets 12 reps
Leg Scissors 3 sets 15 reps
Power Up 2 sets 20 reps
Wall Push Ups 3 sets 10 reps
Pigeon 2 sets 10 seconds
Jacks with a Pod 4 sets 8 reps

I feel quite refreshed after that and a bit tight in the worked out areas. That's what I get for not exercising in a long time. Hopefully I remember to do prenatal yoga tomorrow!

Have a great day!

November 27, 2010

Week 6

I did this page three times and just couldn't get it the way I wanted it to look until now. I am sure there is still something else that I could do better. 

You can find these scrap materials for free at Shabby Princess!

November 26, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge - Week Five

I love weekends, especially holiday weekends. I have a little time to myself to work on the computer. I am sure that this will be a lot more difficult once our baby is born.

I think that this one is my favorite so far!
All scrap materials can be found at Shabby Princess!

Week Four- Trains

I need to get ahead of myself on this project so I can continue this project for 2011 or start previous years. Anyways, here is one for February 2010.

These scrap products are free at Shabby Princess!

November 21, 2010

Weeks 2 and 3!

OK! So I might just post more than once a week! I have been having so much fun with learning how to digital scrapbook that I have finished January 2010! There weren't very many photos anyway.

These scrap materials are free at Shabby Princess!

November 19, 2010

Free Digital Scrapbook kits!

I found this great website with very cute FREE scrapbook kits. I plan on using one for next week!
Shabby Princess

November 18, 2010

52 Week Scrapbook Challenge- Week 1

I am trying a 52 week scrapbook challenge. I do a lot of photographing of Aiden and nothing is put into photo albums or scrapbooks. This seems a lot easier and I can learn a lot more in Photoshop.

These pictures were taken back in August. I am still learning how to work my camera and of course Photoshop.

Aiden says the funniest things Part 2

I was upstairs and Aiden was downstairs. It was deathly quiet down there. As I am coming down the stairs I see the carton for eggs laying on the couch and a lone egg beside it. All of the other eggs are missing and so is Aiden. As I quietly search for Aiden I notice his foot protruding from underneath the train table. I look underneath and it seems like he might be asleep. I whisper "Aiden, what are you doing?" His head pops up and he has a huge smile on his face. It is then that I notice he is laying on all of the eggs. He says "I'm hatching!"

Aiden says the funniest things

Lately, my son has said some pretty funny things. The first one that I remember was our conversation about the baby in my belly.

Mom, will the doctor crack you open to get the baby?

Crack me open?

Yeah, like an egg!

LOL! Oh no.

Well then how do you get the baby?

I sort of have to push it out, like when you poop.

... Well how you do that???

November 10, 2010

Four Good Things

1. My pain from this pregnancy seems to be slowly going away. Next week will be 5 months!

2. Since getting off bed rest, Aiden has been pretty mellow for me and not running around. Astro Boy & Thomas and Friends seems to be helping quite a bit.

3. I made bread today! We ran out of bread and I had a recipe from my grandma so I tried it out and it turned out delicious!

4. It's 5pm and my husband is finally home!

Hope you could find four good things about your day :)