April 23, 2010

My Great Friday

Today was a great day! I can't believe it but that is the first time I can say that in forever. I feel like nothing went wrong. Really I lost my temper a couple of times. Matt even said that he loved me today because I wasn't a total bitch. I kind of chuckle at that because I totally understand how he feels when I am constantly nagging or yelling at him.

So today we took in the Pontiac to get it appraised... $800 bucks! That is just to replace a bumper. When I think about it though it isn't all that bad. Except we have to pay $500 of that. YIKES! Sorry dealership, I don't have that kind of cash laying around. I guess you can keep my car an extra few days till I get paid.

After we were done at the dealership we headed back to Matt's work. They were having a command picnic. We both figured that after the picnic everyone would head home. No such luck! They had to stay an extra two hours. I am glad that there was a park right next door to the base.

Aiden spent most of that two hours running up and down midget hills. He had his arms out in front of him like a zombie, his face towards the sky running while making this UGHHH guhguhguh sound. I could not stop laughing!

Later on, after Matt got off of work, we headed out to eat realizing once we got there we forgot Aiden's backpack (the diaper bag). Matt thought no big deal. So I had him check and sure enough there was a mess. Good thing that Target was near by. Aiden needed a new backpack anyway because the straps were ripping on his old one. We bought a small pack of diapers and wipes, Aiden picked out a Toy Story backpack and we were good to go.

After we ate, Matt bought tickets to Disney Nature Oceans. We were able to sit through maybe one third of the movie but it was awesome. Our mistake was letting Aiden have some candy... that boy had ants in his pants...

The good news is that Aiden went right to sleep when we put him in bed. I am so happy that family outings are much easier than they used to be. I am also happy because I let it be a great day. I think that is a key thing for me. I have to remember to let it be a great day.

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