March 30, 2011

Brushing Baby's Teeth/Gums

Until the first tooth arrives, make sure to rub a clean damp cloth over gums at least once a day. This will not only insure clean, healthy gums but also introduce your baby to an oral cleaning routine.

Once a tooth pops through, put a pea sized dollop of fluoride-free training toothpaste on a finger brush. Glide finger brush over the gums as well as both sides of his tooth. To rinse, swipe a wet cloth over his teeth and gums.

After molars pop up, use a soft bristled brush with training paste. Start with his uppers, brushing in a circular motion from the front teeth to back and then chewing surfaces on top. Repeat on bottom teeth. Use a wet washcloth to rinse.

Information provided by american baby magazine.

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