May 5, 2010

Four Good Things

1. I am so happy that Aiden isn't afraid of swimming. Yesterday we spent 3 hours at the pool and Aiden had no problem walking into the big pool by himself.

2. I have planted tomatoes in a pot so far and I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes on my sandwiches.

3. I finally have my car back. It has been in the shop for about two weeks getting the bumper repaired and my husband kept having to work late so we couldn't pick it up. Anyways, I was thinking about selling it because I don't feel like we really need it but now that I have seen it again I fell back in love with my car. I should take a picture of it. My car is the most beautiful blue...

4. My husband is the greatest. Although he cannot keep a secret. Matt has already shown me a picture of the necklace he bought me off of ETSY for mothers day. I love that website and he remembered! He has also been showing me more love by giving lots of hugs, something that completely calms me when I am angry and comforts me always.                                                                                                                                                                            

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